Want to Know What the Different Types of Communication Networking Systems There Are?

There are numerous kinds of telephones and their corresponding systems, however, there are only 3 main types, which are cellular phones, Internet Protocol phones and the standard phone networking company also referred to as POTS.

Landline phone systems are a part of POTS, this is an analogue service that has copper wiring which is a descendant of the original telephone system which was brought to us by the famous Alexander Graham Bell. The benefits of this system range from standard equipment, almost perfect sound quality, and a system which is completely separate, which means a direct connection to a central office. Due to the fact switches are in place, that create a private circuit for every phone call, it is also referred to as a PSTN or Public Switched Telephone Network.

Another system is in place for mobile phones, each individual company has their own networks using various technology. Similar to POTS, mobile phone systems are complete duplex systems, which means both people on the call will be able to speak simultaneously, however, these phones use radio frequencies and not standard copper wire. Even though mobilephone networks started out as voice networks, they carry now voice and data. Some networks have gone national, whilst others are international, and new advancements in technologies are continually being developed. The networks such as 3G support not just mobile phones, but smartphones, netbook computers, and wireless modem systems.

IP or Internet Protocol, which is sometimes known as VolP or Voice over Internet Protocol, is yet another kind of phone system which was used in the 21st century. This service piggybacks on pre-existing Internet connections, such as DSL broadband or cable service. A device known as an Analog Telephone Adaptor is used as the go between which connects the phone a person has with a broadband modem or a router.

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